what's happening at nina

update on covid

We continue to operate on a slightly modified schedule but are  now open Tues - Fri 10 - 5 and on Saturdays 10 -4. No groups please. Our safety protocols remain in place but have been slightly reduced. Please click on our Covid tab to see details of current protocols.
We look forward to seeing you back shopping in the store soon! 

Peter Cohen collection

We have a nice selection of Peter Cohen silk separates and casual wear now in the store.  Designer Peter Cohen was born in Zimbabwe and has been designing under his own label for twenty-five years. Known as a seasoned minimalist, Cohen believes that fashion is most suitable if it can reflect both the familiar and the refined, allowing one to feel comfortable in situations commonplace and fantastical. Come in to see this easy to wear, timeless collection.

new mannequins

After over 35 years we have said goodbye to our beloved Cranston mannequins. Made in Italy and known for their lifelike details, our girls were finally ready to retire. 
The new store has a new vibe so we needed mannequins to match. They are tall, sleek, and a complementary gleaming white to match the interior grays & whites. And, our family has grown, we now we have 6 instead of 4! 
Take a look next time you're in or walking by the store.

pop up shops

We had a very successful season with trunk shows despite the pandemic!  Two of the designers elected to leave their collections with us for the next several weeks - Ripetta and Tom & Linda Platt. So if you missed either show or saw something you'd like to come back and revisit, the collections are here for you to try on.
Special orders only on all items.

alteration department

Another effect of Covid 19 on our store - along with only being open 3 months last season - is the alterations department will be temporarily closed until further notice. Basic pinning and measuring are still available. Also, once you purchase your item we have a team of seamstresses. both locally and in many cities across the country to help you with fittings.

shop local!

As Covid protocols ease up we urge you to support local businesses.  It is tough enough to get through the quiet summers, but add on top of it the shutdown in the height of last season it was especially devastating. But we are here as are many of our colleagues in Delray Beach and the city is doing everything it can to ensure the safe, peaceful, enjoyable charm for which we are known. Please get out and support all small business both here or wherever you are!


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