Weddings are coming back, are you ready?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

As most are aware, the slate of weddings that were to take place in 2020 either got canceled or postponed or were recreated very cleverly. For instance, we had one mother of the bride whose wedding got canceled then put back on. . . on a lake, in boats, lots of boats so that the wedding party, guests, etc. were all, well, social distancing on the water! See what I mean, clever.

But now the wedding biz is bubbling back up and we are here to help you and tell you don't wait to get your mother of the bride/groom gown or dress. The fashion industry was turned upside down during the pandemic just like every other business and is still regrouping. They are doing amazing work to put together collections, get fabrics shipped in, arrange for manufacturing, and safely bring in seamstresses and pattern makers and cutters. Fabric companies are going through the same drill. Remember its a kind of food chain to get from fabrics designed and manufactured all the way through the process of ending up in your closet. It is actually remarkable how they are making it all happen despite the ongoing obstacles.

In our Zoom meetings with designers we are finding smaller, more focused collections. And while we are bringing in a selection for stock, many the mothers of the bride or groom come to us to special order. If this is you we strongly advise you to get in and order early. Do not wait thinking you have all the time in the world to look and shop. Even in a normal season special orders can take from several weeks to several months. In this environment delays to a normal schedule are more possible than ever so its best to avoid the stress and get it done. The good news is we do have a good selection of in-stock gowns and dresses ready for you try on, ring up, and take home. But even those can suddenly be gone since we often buy one of a size and color. When it's gone it's gone, unless you want to special order it and then we're back full circle.

Be assured, we are ready to assist you in anyway possible. We have been working with mothers of the bride and groom for years so we know the drill, we understand the anxiety, and will do everything possible to make it a happy and beautiful experience for you. That's what weddings are all about right? And we're sure you'll agree, everyone could use a little less stress and a lot more happiness right now.

Check out this link of ideas for wedding planning during these crazy times. Maybe something helpful for you!

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